Edit your space, Edit your life

your vision of your ideal space. 

Then you choose what to keep by choosing what makes you happy--what sparks joy--and releasing that which doesn't make you happy. 

When your space is tidy,  you have the room to create  your ideal life.


Also quoted in this NYT article by Taffy Brodeser-Ackner on Marie Kondo

Before & after shots used in Marie Kondo's SxSW presentation, 2017

Dining Room, After

Bedroom Closet, After

  • "I'd had large Tupperware containers taking up half my living room for many years until I worked with Diana. In our first session alone we cleared 6 of the 10 containers--I can use my living room again! "  -AG

  • "I still smile every time I open the bathroom closet
    or see the bookshelves downstairs." --JC

  • "I was already a minimalist/had tidied my place already, but was interested in what a consultant could do that I hadn't.  I found so much more that didn't truly spark joy, and it was much more fun than going through it by myself." -- SH


The first step to your ideal space  and your ideal life

As a professional editor I've spent years working with authors to shape their visions into award-winning and bestselling novels. 

 I adore Marie Kondo’s goals of living a life that sparks joy, and was the fourth person ever certified as a KonMari consultant outside of Japan. With a background as an editor and many sessions & client hours as a trained Konmari organizer, I am delighted to use my editing and tidying skills to help you organize your space so that you can then edit your life and find joy.

  -- Diana